Shipping containers Star Service 

Gnodi SA is the exclusive representative, on the Swiss territory in the canton of Ticino and Grigioni, of the Star Service brand for the marketing and distribution of new and used mini containers and maritime standard and refrigerated containers, both for sale and for hire.

High cube container , flat pack, open top, open side, coc, soc, iso container , container frigo…

Available a wide range of containers also ready for delivery:


Mini containers are perfect for transporting and protecting small loads: their structure is strong and safe because they are completely made of steel. They are simple to carry and available in 3 different sizes.

These are standard shipping containers with two-door doors on the short side. In the High Cube version, it is possible to have a height greater than the standard by adapting them to any type of good.

The open top is an container open on the roof, this feature makes it suitable for those who need to load goods from above. On request it can be equipped with removable rigid roof (hard top) or with a cover.

Refrigerated containers are designed to carry goods that need to be moved or stored at a controlled temperature: it guarantees a constant temperature that can range from a minimum of -40°/-25°C to a maximum of +25°/+45°C according to the product type.

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