Design and sale of professional kitchens

Gnodi SA designs and manufactures facilities for restaurants, hotels, canteens, fast food, bakeries, ice cream shops by offering the most important brands, the best prices and a highly competent consultancy service.

At Gnodi you will find ovens, burners, fryers, pasta cookers, bratt pans, frytops, hoods, refrigerators and much more…

We offer brands like Angelo Po, Modular, Rational, etc.

A technical office is available to the customer for the choice of equipment, the design and customization of the set-up. The expertise in this sector, consolidated through years of handson experience, means that the commercial team is capable of offering tailor-made solutions, based on the best choices available, suitable to all specific requirements.

The Gnodi specialized personnel offers a study for the existing or planned plant. A work aimed at the needs of the customer, which can end in the development of a new project or in the optimization of an existing one.


Everything you need for professional cooking with great performance. Gnodi Service has a wide range of professional kitchens, fryers, frytops, brasiere, double boiler, cooker, roasters and professional ovens.

The best offer to meet every need in the field of conservation and felling. Professional equipment such as refrigerated tables, refrigerated cabinets and freezers, showcases, blast chillers and much more.

Professional dishwashers. All the best brands and the most suitable tools for washing even with large load capacities.

Desks and distribution tables. Self-service lines, double boiler, refrigerated elements…all in the name of practicality!

Machines for the processing and cutting of all types of food, portioners, meat grinders, vegetable cutters, mixers, planetariums…all the best for the processing of food in the kitchen.

Tables, worktops, benches, furniture, tray holders, trolleys, sinks and professional stainless steel furniture…

Discover all the achievements of Gnodi SA and the group