Equipment, structures on project and special vehicles

Gnodi SA offers services of design, construction and fitting of special vehicles and prefabricated modular structures suitable in different situations and able to meet the characteristics required by current legislation.

Gnodi SA is available to collaborate with public entities and professional offices for customized projects and feasibility studies.

EMPTY SPACES TO BE FILLED: office modules, modular changing rooms, modular prefabricated for school use, toilet containers, dormitories, equipped technical rooms, etc.

Solutions of the highest quality, extremely versatile, available for both sale and rental and with several advantages.


Fitted with all the necessary systems and technologically advanced instruments and equipment, every mobile system is ready to deliver immediate and fully autonomous performance.


On the roadside, in areas provided next to existing facilities, where it’s needed, when it’s needed.


Depending on the chosen design, a mobile system is supplied with its own vehicle or delivered by semi-trailer truck.


Our mobile systems are available for medium- and long-term hire periods, providing solutions to innumerable situations, such as emergencies, temporary initiatives, etc.


With their modular design, these standard sized mobile units can be assembled together for the perfect combination to meet a project’s requirements. They are easy to move, but need to be installed on a flat surface that can support the weight. They represent a valid alternative to traditional building but with lower costs and faster times.


The space inside these hooklift mobile structures can be customised by extending the length and operating the expandable sides. Immediately ready for use, they are also easy to move thanks to hydraulic pistons that conveniently load and unload the shelter on and off a semi-trailer.


These vehicles (B, C or C+E driving licence) enable you to provide a fast, mobile service. The design can be customised to be longer or shorter, and when parked the sides and height can be expanded with automated board systems.

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